Writing this about me page finds me in a quandary, as I usually find myself writing or talking about others. Whether it is about family, friends, or business, I'm the one who other's approach when they need to vent or want another point of view….In fact, my friends love to tell me a joke because they know I'll always laugh….

I am of the firm belief that you can help others without first feeling good about yourself. As an avid golfer, I find joy in the little wins in life. I've only broken 80 one time in my life, but I do have to say that it was at my home course at Emerald Hills, in Hollywood, FL, and if you know that course, breaking 80 is quite a feat.

My wife, Ruth and I, have been married since 1989, raising two wonderful children. I am one of the fortunate people who have really found a true life partner, first as a young couple, then raising our children, and now alone again as they grow into adulthood. As I look back I can say that I we have had fun and enjoyed each stage of our lives together with no regrets about things we should have done as we look forward to the future.

Professionally, I have truly found my calling. In 1988, working as a finance executive, I was given the opportunity to take a chance and enter what was a relatively new industry in mortgage financing. The first year was tough, learning a new business, but at the end I have found myself as one of the very few people who love to come to work every day.

As a natural problem solver, I enjoy helping my each of my customers discover how to obtain homeownership and help them navigate through the home buying process. I still get thrill with each mortgage approval, as I get that feeling of satisfaction every time I see one of my customers realize that they too will have a home of their own and raise a family, creating their own memories to last a lifetime.